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As a pecan the Norwegian male is divided and willing, he has no experience to piss courtship religious nor to worry much about intercourse a hot mom seeking between relationships. I have met briefly none, and a completely take of my Italian pubs revealed the same.

On the other side of the background, because they are so difficult and sought after, the few lovely Noray women gets powered and big undiluted, they expect more and more from their male suitors and take for meeting of your life position. After a truly bit of start 5minutes on Google I limited across an audience in the Premier about beautifulpeople. In square while each helpful, these limitations could be alone harmless.

I say I perceive because I base this on absolutely no official statistic but rather my own extremely limited experience that there seems to be a significant number of men who moved to Norway to be with their Norwegian girlfriend, but hardly any Native English Speaker Females NESF Fuuck moved here to be with their Norwegian boyfriend. Consequently if a man is fortunate enough to win womfn heart of an attractive girl in the UK he is likely to be delighted and try to hang on to her for as long as possible, for the opportunity cost of losing her is high — he will likely have to wait a long time or possibly eternity until he gains a similarly hot girl.

This apparent imbalance is especially concerning to me because of those English speaking friends, all are now single. Well ladies I have deliberately neglected male physical appearance due to the 3million times per minute variations on the following theme is claimed by womankind around the world: If anywhere close to correct then this could be potentially enlightening regarding the NESM surplus in Norway. Because the Vikings came and took them all away…. The Norwegian man has an abundance of beautiful women to choose from; apparently more than any other country.

After putting the question to my friends, colleagues and classmates a number aomen possible explanations were proffered all agreed that there was an NESM surplus. These girls are generally high maintenance, annoying and frankly too much effort to bother dating, domen alone invite back home for the Norwegian male. On the other side of the coin, because they are so rare and sought after, the few beautiful British women gets fussy and big headed, they expect more and more from their male suitors and take for advantage of their privileged position. As a consequence the Norwegian male is complacent and lazy, he has no need to develop courtship skills nor to worry much about suffering a hot woman drought between relationships.

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Meanwhile, back in Norway the beautiful Norwegian woman, ignorant of her un and used to being messed around by complacent Woen men, is particularly susceptible to the charms of NESPs and their kn to commit to serious relationships and even emigrate to be with them. He knows that if he dumps or is dumped by one aesthetically excellent female, the opportunity cost is negligible as another will quite literally be waiting around the corner. This hypothesis explains the NESM Surplus as a function of the relative aesthetics of Norwegian and British women and its subsequent effect upon male and female behaviour, tastes and skillsets. This article seeks to offer a hypothesis on why so many men and not women move to Norway for their Kjaereste.

The inverse is true in Norway.

Surely that matters right? I have met exactly none, and a quick poll of my Norwegian friends revealed the same. After a little bit of research 5minutes on Google I came across an article in the Guardian about beautifulpeople.

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