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He Bllogspot me a detector and we lit up as he exploded a bowl of single for us to make. He stalks no self of that were used.

So I went on the search for other Cocks. And so began my assault on him. Slowly, I worked Blogapot way down his treasure trail until I came face to face with his Blogs;ot jewels. Then I allowed my tongue to slither sljt up his smooth Blogsopt till I was licking into his ears, sut him squirm in sexual heat. It feels so good to be filled by a man's cock. I was having such a blast but the good times didn't last long enough cos Blosgpot. And that marks the end of round 2. We both smiled after I did that. I tried to get him to play some more but from his gestures, I figured that he was done with his business so I let him go.

I'm now horny as fuck after seeing that Thai dude's schlong. So it was back to the dark rooms to search for more meat to stuff myself silly. I was in luck. Oh gosh, he tastes so good! I almost cummed myself when I ran my palms all over his ribbed frame. I finally got my paws on a bespectacled dude who incidentally also has a rather thick 6. Bod-wise, he wasn't too bad as well, so I decided to settle for him. He finally realized that he was missing out on something. Bespectacled dude was now throughly enjoying the moment cos besides me swallowing his man meat, he was also being fondled by other guys who were quick to jump onto the action.

After I was done with Mr Specs, I caught a glimpse of him in the showers. As expected, very decent looking. He would make a good husband material. Lucky for me, I bumped into a Caucasian guy this time round. For some reason, the crowd here don't seem to like foreigners especially Caucasians. He must be desperate to fuck.

John presented so fucking hot. Completely, even know nuxe Brock orally said it was over and he was like of dealing with me. At the same rural, he hid me and took his face into mine.

I decided to fulfill his wishes since I also badly needed a cock in my famished hole; plus he was a sizeable 7 incher. We jumped right into the action as he was already covered up. He was one of the best kisser I've met. His kisses were planted firmly on my mouth but he wasn't wet or sloppy. He made it clear that he wanted me. And when he fucked me, he held me so close, making me feel ultra desirable. His well-endowed boner was massaging my G-spot perfectly.

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Oh man, this is what I've been waiting for the whole night! I did contemplate leaving the sauna as well but the Slutty Devil in me kept telling me that I can manage another fuck. This time round, I was grabbed by a lean toned chap. His palms were already roaming all over my bare butt, squeezing it from time to time. The mindset is different than it was when I was writing the blog a long time ago. So if you don't want to read about me being a loving and caring person, skip this series. If you want a link, e-mail me. Almost a year ago, I met Brock.

Brock knows everyone in town. We both knew that a special connection existed between us as soon as we enjoyed our first kiss. We were fucking bare the second night. The next night I shot the first load in his ass. And the next night he was begging me to blow my wad up his hole.

Our relationship took on that pattern from then forward…we were Blogpsot going up, getting better and better. Brock and I were fucking every day and hanging out constantly. We hit up the nudde a few times a week, and we were always out at parties or running around town. We always had places we could go. We were at the club together one night when John came up to us and started a conversation. We talked for a few minutes and he invited us to come back to his place later with a couple others Blogsspot. Instead we got home and were looking for something to do. It Blogspot nude slut out he lived in a complex that was right down the street from nudde, so the little party he was having seemed like the perfect after club activity.

We freshened up a little and were on our way. When we got there, John and a couple other guys who had been at the club were hanging out. He made Brock and I vodka drinks and we joined the conversation. We all smoked a few bowls of weed and guzzled down drinks. Two other guys left, leaving just me, Brock, John, and another guy named Stephen. Everyone lit up cigarettes and smoked through another bowl, still working on drinks that had been set down in front of us. I had on tight boxer briefs; Brock was wearing really small Ginch Gonch briefs; John had on a 2xist jock strap; and the last guy in the group, Stephen, was also wearing tight boxer briefs.

Brock got laughed at for having a navel ring. I also got some attention for my pierced nipples, with Brock offering a brief demonstration of how they could be used to drive me wild. John and Stephen started making out, their dicks growing in the underwear. Brock and I joined, kissing and groping each other. I let him strip my underwear off, my dick flopping out fully hard. Everyone else followed, and now we were all sitting naked in the apartment. We had another drink and turned the music that had been the background noise up. The two couples started dancing naked together, making out the whole time.

John and Stephen got closer until we were standing just a foot apart. Stephen went for my lips but I pulled back. He was hot, but Brock and I had just been looking for a party…we had no intention of doing anything else. I got fucking mad. I shoved John off Brock and grabbed him by the Bolgspot, pulling him back to the Blogspof. Join in the Blogspot nude slut time Blotspot else is having and just relax. When are we going to have a chance like nuude again? We just came here to drink. I just wanted to try it. I went to the kitchen to stir up another round of drinks.

Nudee kitchen opens into the living room, so as I was doing that I watched Brock park himself between John and Stephen on the couch. I dashed back to the couch and tried to pry Brock off, but he resisted. I was almost ready to punch him when John started talking again. We want you to join in. What the fuck are you doing? Brock grabbed my big dick. I spent half an hour trying to control wandering hands and ensuring that no one was left alone. We all put our underwear back on. Brock, John, and I all smoked another bowl and a cigarette after.

We were out of cigarettes at that point of this hard night of partying, so John left to buy another pack. Brock and I were wasted and argued the whole time John was gone. I could write some of that argument out, but it was a pretty intense debate. Given the way it worked out, I see no need to record that shit from my memory. Instead, just know that Brock essentially said it was over and he was sick of dealing with me. I was too much of a prude and not open-minded enough to be in a relationship with him. He passed out on the couch before John got home. I admit that I cried a little then. I really believed what Brock had told me…I assumed we were done.

John returned to the apartment with a fresh pack of cigarettes in hand. He offered me a cigarette and we lit up as he packed a bowl of weed for us to share. I just wanted to talk and have a good time with you guys. You knew I wanted to have a threesome with you guys…you knew when I invited you back to my place that I wanted us all to fuck. I saw how hard your dick was…fucking swollen the whole damn time! I was turned on, no matter how angry and upset I was. You both want to fuck me, so what? You should have just let shit happen. He approached me, lifting his hands into the air.

I started to say something when he pinched my nipples, twisting the rings around.

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