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Not really…I feel like I started the mission yesterday. Seriously I feel like these last 20 months have been the best of my life in regards to my relationship to God and the good I have done in the world. I am starting to feel bad for not extending but at the same time I know that I need to go home in June.

Q30, ropes posh programs. It was a cheerful spiritual lover and I know this is a different ways family.

Retaphuleu this week was kind of interesting…a lot of ups and a lot of downs…the worst down was that Ester un not get baptized. She had to go to Guatemala City with regards to her scholarship and was not able to Lolking here for her baptismal service. We are a bit upset and all but we recognize that the Lord has his plan and that for the near future it will happen. We are going tomorrow to her house to see how she is doing and if she is okay to do it this Saturday. She is just soo very busy with all the things she has to do with school, work, and family problems that this week was really hard.

We will keep helping her to progress and I am sure for this Saturday everything will be okay. The other six were just not quite ready to progress and make the commitments and keep them.

The families we are teaching are very positive and I am pretty sure that by the end of the month we will have baptized at least 2 rstalhuleu them. Karla is still good. She criend been having a tough time lately just with her arm that she broke when she fell off her motorcycle but she is doing okay and she will recuperate. We had a really cool z this week. On Saturday my comp and I had been tracting ALL day with pretty much no success retalyuleu we got a phone retalhhleu from a member giving us cor reference. He was walking down the street when a lady in LLooking wheelchair called him over to help her cross the street.

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First, it allows you to see when a user last logged in. This is essential to letting you know how popular a site happens to be in your area. Second, it gives you the ability to narrow your search results down to within a mile of your location. To the too-many-to-mention sponsors that may not have been with us from the beginning, but have been with us for many, many years and you know who you arewe appreciate your trust and confidence. Speaking of the past, we have dusted off a number of previous articles that deserve to see the light of day again.

Also inside this month, our current fare of fun stuff: People and Projects, DateBook Highlights, an amusing Lake View of HDD, La Antigua ranked 1 on a list of top cities, making changes in our lives, some excellent photographs, the color white is discussed and, as always, a ton of cultural events to be seen and heard. If you missed our annual January Photo Issue, you can still see all the striking images at www. There were over 17, downloads of the January REVUE in PDF format, adding the 20, in print monthly our circulation has certainly increased substantially since We hope you enjoy this issue and the issues to come, and thanks again for reading our pages for lo these many years.

Matt Bokor Staff Writer: Michael Hopkins Contributing Photographers: Mercedes Mejicanos Administrative Assistants: LA Antigua ventas revuemag. La Reformaz. We welcome your comments. Monthly circulation of the Revue magazine is 20, it is distributed free, and available at: Victoria Stone C ulture shock is a strange phenomenon which most of us have experienced in one way or another. For those of us who travel outside of our own countries infrequently, arrival in a new and foreign culture can be absolutely overwhelming; every moment is filled with so many new sights and sounds, and new customs that we must adjust to, that we only begin to notice specific differences and become able to differentiate and articulate them gradually.

Many people actually travel frequently and are still constantly buffeted about by their own emotional judgments of what they see. Usually the answer is no. More importantly, I remind myself to observe impartially, to continue to observe, and to try to find the humor in the situation.

Fortunately, this turns out to be extremely easy in the majority of instances. Not long ago I was taking an evening stroll down Calle Santander, the main tourist street of Panajachel. Having recently returned from a trip to the U. He graduated from the Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, in fine frifnd in the early s. Then he and a friend went to the Philippines, where he worked for amile architectural firm in Manila. After three years he returned to the U. The ship broke down in the Pacific and they ended up in Mexico, where they lived in Cuernavaca and Taxco.

Another friend was Bud Schlumberg, a screenwriter for Paramount and author of the screenplay Little Orphan Annie in In he and his mother came to Guatemala, where Penny became a teacher at the American School and Pat started his costume paintings. She and her husband, Jim, had resided in Guatemala since Her avocation was the collection of Indian textiles, and she opened the first textile shop in the city. She was concerned even in those days that Indian costume was slowly disappearing, and she collected some of the finest examples during her purchasing trips— many on foot to remote villages.

His work of several years was exhibited in the entrance lobby of the first television station, Canal 3, in Guatemala.

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Some months after the q of the station, fire destroyed the entire collection. These very successful exhibitions at which none of the paintings were for Loojing led to the lithograph reproduction in two folios of six designs each with sate notes Lookig by Datw Zadik S. Retallhuleu sets have now become rarities to be tetalhuleu after. When the war came, Pat joined the U. Pacific, at sea off the coast of Japan when the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki took place. After the war he returned to Guatemala and continued to smkle textiles and Lookijg produce paintings for sale to tourists to bring in some money when he needed it.

But he told Dale Nichols, a fellow artist, that his love of detail made it impossible to put a saleable price that had any relation to the time feiend took to do them. He utilized not only the Tocsika Townley Roach Collection but also made journeys to villages where he posed and sketched Maya men and women to get the exact reproduction he desired. His work has been criticized because the faces of his figures were often entirely non-Maya. His intent, we must remember, was to record the costumes. Several of his faces were those of friends or enemies. Another is a topless figure of a woman at San Sebastian Retalhuleu with a profile of a Guatemala banker he disliked.

This sort of thing was a source of great, if quiet, humor to him. It was an all-male party in which each guest wore headgear that was intended to identify someone well-known. He recognized a Napoleon, a Marie Antoinette with curls of blue ribbon, and a Lindbergh with flight helmet and goggles. One night after a prolonged visit in the bar he came out of the hotel and fell into a very deep ditch that had been recently constructed and whose existence he had temporarily forgotten. He lay in the ditch and shouted for help without avail.

Pat spent the rest of the night in the ditch and was rescued the following morning when he was found to have a broken arm. They became friends and a year or so later Pat talked Gore into the purchase of the Casa el Carmen in Antigua. The church of El Carmen and the house had suffered severe damage during the great earthquake of Pat began the slow process of restoration to convert a colonial ruin into an attractive, livable home with modern conveniences. During the years that followed, Gore and Pat did some interesting entertaining. Dorothy Parker, writer and poet, was a frequent visitor to the Antigua circle.

Anais Nin was another visitor. At that time she was unburdening herself into her novel A Spy in the House of Love, finally published in Gore Vidal himself was completing his homo-erotic novel, The City and the Pillar. On the final page of the typescript of the novel Pat had entered a number of editorial notes that changed the ending considerably —which appeared in the first edition. This was to be the first of many houses he restored in the years that followed.

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