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Fixed the alleged-line macro yang detection, which didn't make at all on macros with no strings gendered an infinite credit. Funneled list by Ulrich Doewich. Tipped the long-awaited cutter twelve support:.

Added the NASM environment variable. Really did fix coj stack overflows this time. OBJ format now strips initial periods from segment and group definitions, in order to avoid complications with the local label syntax.

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Fixed a major problem in the preprocessor which caused seg-faults if macro definitions contained blank lines or comment-only lines. Fixed a bug causing segfaults in large RDF files. Fixed a bug whereby object file formats which stored the input file name in the output file such as OBJ and COFF weren't doing so correctly when the output file name was specified on the command line. This one manifested if the user relied on the default segment, and attempted to define global symbols without first explicitly declaring the target segment.

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Stupid bug in the revised ELF section generation fixed associated string-table section for. Fixed a problem with OBJ format whereby, in the absence of any explicit segment definition, non-global symbols declared in the implicit default segment generated spurious EXTDEF records in the output. Fixed a seg-fault in the label manager. Donated by Mark Junker. From this version forward, Win32 console-mode binaries will be included in the DOS distribution in addition to the bit binaries. The previous behaviour, though it was a deliberate feature, was a deliberate feature based on a misunderstanding.

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