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I begin to tongue fuck you with slow strokes and listen to your soft, soft sighs as I work your beautiful pussy. With each push of my tongue, I can feel your pussy getting more and more engorged. I know what you want next, and I obliged. I move my mouth to your clit and begin to tongue your special spot.

You begin to move as your arousal get more intense. A Now, onto you. You'll be between the ages of 27 and Searching for something that could lead to long term. Enjoys a girl who is the 'girly' type. Be outgoing and a bit of a smartass. Is perfectly fine with not dating the skinny ditzy gal. Enjoys going out but also staying in just the two of us. A Please respond with more than just Do you have a picture? I spent a good amount of time typing my ad out, so you should spend sometime with your response. Any responses that attach a picture of your 'package' will automatiy be deleted. That's not what I'm hear for and I won't be responding to those replies.

I will also not do the countless emails. It's Saturday night, if we have time to email back and forth we have time to exchange numbers and talk on the. A Hope to hear from you soon.

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