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He was only supposed to eat a small portion. The parents say they learned the operation has high school students selling the edibles to kids, right under the noses of teachers and administrators. We alerted law enforcement about our project, placed an order, then waited in a Douglasville shopping center parking lot for delivery. And up walked year-old Addea Simmons with our box of brownies. Barely an adult himself, Simmons is the admitted baker and apparent brains of a fast-growing operation. We wound up with 12 large individually wrapped brownies. On the way, we added in 12 brownies and other treats we bought from a grocery store.

Ga Escort douglassville

The lab found no marijuana in those control products. However, the Trill Treats brownies revealed THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, with levels at least three times the accepted dosage in pot-legal states like Colorado. How confident are these results? Certainly for someone who's not -- or a naive user -- I would say that would be a tremendous amount of THC to ingest in one sitting. Gibbs pointed out the danger is growing. But this time we weren't the only ones nearby.

Undercover Douglasville police officers conducted their own sting, teaming up with the Fulton County police because Simmons lives in Fairburn. Fulton County even deployed a helicopter to follow Simmons and see whether he made edible deliveries anywhere else. Simmons was charged with five felonies, including two counts of selling a Schedule 1 controlled substance because police say his products contain pure THC. In the Fairburn home he shared with his family, Fulton County authorities seized boxes of baking items and more than a dozen crock pots. My unique evening services allow you to contact me from 4 p. My Saturday hours are You can reach me on Sundays by appointment. Call or email today so I can make your vacation dreams possible.

My Reviews 12 of 21 people found this review helpful Easy and Effortless Reviewed By Angela - Georgia Traveled to I wanted to plan a vacation for my daughter and I but didn't have the dedicated time to do the research. I contacted Demitra and she really took the time to listen to what we wanted. Within days of my consultation, she had several all inclusive resort selections for me. All I had to do was pay my reservation deposit, make monthly payment and the next think I know, we were on vacation.

Thanks for all your help. I would recommend this agent to my family and friends Was this review helpful to you?

Bryant is very enjoyable to work with and always makes time to answer questions. I would recommend this agent to my family and friends Demitra Bryant responded: Thank you very much Celeste. It was great helping you plan this trip. It's always a pleasure assisting people who are going to a destination for the first time.

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