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The next morning, we anticipated an early start because of our extensive to-do list. Oddly, they would toll at random times too 9: Okay, so liechtenstsin learned: Lve is a big fan of bells. Lovely view from our hotel room! Laughing off the randomly sporadic bell tolling, we headed downstairs for a breakfast of cereal, baked goods, cold cuts and cheese, iin ourselves for a whirlwind tour of the entire country. Personalized Travel Gifts After the short, Looming drive, we arrived in Vaduz, where I was genuinely surprised by what I saw. In my head, I had images of a classic small town, with timbered houses hugging cobblestoned paths, similar to the postcard-esque villages of Austria and Switzerland.

As it turns out, the capital of Liechtenstein is rather glossy, clean and modern. Armed with 24h Museum and Adventure passes, it became our mission to find out what exactly the real Liechtenstein was all about. We were in the 6th smallest country in the world after all, so why not? Despite its small size, Vaduz has a great deal of museums and cultural offerings. For several hours, we treated the capital as our playground, hopping from place to place, museum passes in hand. We began at the Kunstmuseum, with its big collection of contemporary and modern art, then moved on to the smaller and much more modest Stamp Museum yes, this exists!

I loved the randomness and obscurity of this museum, which was small but had endless displays of stamps tucked into drawers and pull-out frames. The rest of our time in Vaduz was spent visiting the surprisingly large Liechtenstein National Museum, ogling the shiny artifacts at the Treasure Chamber and then, my favourite: Harsh Alp mountains with snow covered peaks, green fields with cows and sheep jangling with the little bells on their necks, tall and slim church towers located in the valleys. And I guess mountainous villages in Liechtenstein must look the same and can make a perfect getaway to relax. It was founded in and occupies the area of only square kilometers I managed to walk half of the country, no matter how insane that sounds with around I guess when you live in the country like this you must know half of the population.

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When I first got to visit Liechtenstein it was the gloomy October day few years ago and I was going back home from visiting a friend in Zurich. The cities however were just simply random and boring. Both Schaan and Vaduz had maybe one or two buildings that looked fair enough to interest me. After completing their secondary school requirements, students either receive vocational training or prepare for the university entrance examination, known as the Matura. Liechtenstein has no universities of its own. Its young people go to college in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. Liechtenstein does have an evening technical college that offers courses in engineering and architecture, and a music school, as well as a variety of facilities for adult education.

Housed in the capital city of Vaduz, it is the second-largest private art collection in the world. It is surpassed in size only by that of Britain's royal family. It is also one of the finest art collections—public or private—in the world. Its many masterpieces cover a wide range of periods and schools of art. It includes sculptures, tapestries, silver, and porcelain, as well as paintings by Breughel the Elder, Botticelli, Rembrandt, Rubens, and other masters of Renaissance art. Liechtenstein also has a strong musical tradition. Brass bands and vocal ensembles are common in rural areas, while the cities of Vaduz and Balzers both have highly regarded operetta companies.

Agriculture once occupied most of the people, but now only about 5 percent of the people farm. Nearly half of all employed adults work in service-sector jobs.

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Liechtensteiners put in a long workday. It lasts from 8: Over a third of Liechtenstein's labor force commute to fot from Switzerland or Austria. Liechtenstein's major industries include metal finishing, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, and electronic equipment. Over a third of the population belong to the National Sports Union. The principality's downhill ski resorts are world-famous, especially those liechtensteon Malbun and Steg. The Steg resort ror has a popular cross-country ski course with a 1 mile 1. Summer sports include hiking, bicycling, and soccer.

Many people belong to social clubs. Television is a common form of recreation. Liechtenstein has about one television set for every three people. All television programming is received from abroad. Radio broadcasts originating in Liechtenstein began in As already said, nothing for those who are afraid of heights. Fortunately there are fixed wire ropes to which you can hold on. But still I had to do some parts of the trail on four paws. But all the work will pay off: For those who still want more, I recommend climbing the Alpspitz peak m or the Drei Schwester Three Sisters peak m which forms the natural border between Liechtenstein and Austria.

In the meanwhile, have a look at this page. Sure, it's not meant for those who expect a relaxed city tour in a carriage, holding a glass of wine. But still it is a good mix of discovering the area in a more uncommon way and a certain adventure. It was definitely one of my favorite things to do in Liechtenstein.

liechtensteni There are several providers who offer paragliding services above the breathtaking panorama of Liechtenstein. In this context I can recommend Paragliding Arosa. Not only was Jogi, my pilot, very patient even though I was not a newbiehe even helped me to get the best pictures of the ride.

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