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Although I first came Dongguan in the days s, the woman and ultimately rural area under its world had a huge population of about one person. But federal was often more serious than that:.

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Alongside the ambition there is a sense of fatalism, and in three years in Dongguan, Chang never heard a single person express anything like Woring feminist sentiment. They have broken away from a life where glrls daughters are supposed to marry and move to live with their in-laws. It turns out that Yin was sent to the countryside but - perhaps because her father was an army officer - did not suffer a worse fate. She made a lot of money, set up a small business and lost it all, then found another job selling paint. These are impressive stories of determination and courage but they also show the limits of this new kind of liberation for so many Chinese rural women.

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Xiaomei had good teachers at her school in Huhehot, the provincial capital of Inner Mongolia. That's a very good question for all of us who became so excited then by Mao's vision of a new socialist society. More traditionally, she paid her respects to her ancestors, visited the local temple and prayed for a good marriage. During the visit she tried to "civilise" her family, buying a hot water dispenser and urging her dad to stop smoking.

Sometimes a girl will signal her interest in a boy by offering to pay his mobile phone bill. She has another motive too: At any rate she tells the story sensitively and without over-dramatising her own role. When I first visited Dongguan in the early s, the city and large rural area under its jurisdiction had a combined population of about one million. Some of her most lyrical passages recollect the delights of food. She learned to speak standard Chinese to get rid of her provincial accent Hunanese have a "country hick" reputation and Cantonese to talk with the bosses.

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