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Gay New York: It's up to you

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Not real busy, but a good place to pop in for a beer.

Also, I wouldn't Gay meeting places in ny away from the Christopher Street area at kn. True, the area bars are frequented by a more 'mature' crowd, but lets remember, this thread will be a guide for many others as well. Our first experience with NYC bars was at Ty's, Christopher St, where we quickly made friends with two bartenders there and will now make meetkng a point of dropping in on every meetingg to say hi. We also have made some good friends there who I keep in touch with and recently visited this last visit. Tys has the reputation of being the friendliest bar in town as the "attitude level" is so low it doesnt even register!

Monster, at 80 Grove St, is another great happy hour bar that has a very diverse crowd. And lets not forget the Grandfather of all NYC bars and one that has our history firmly planted on the minds of many NYers and visitors alike Officially billed the birthplace of gay rights, in its new incarnation, it does offer some promise of regaining its great reputation. I was just there two weeks ago to find a beautiful interior and very friendly staff. I hear happy hour is picking up and I hope it does good in the future. To lose this place would be a sad thing as it holds so much history for us. Besides the bars mentioned, there are other small neighborhood hangouts that do deserve a quick beer or two.

Most will find bars in this area are the friendliest in town.

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There are so many plades who are meetung to give advice about other areas and spots that may be having special theme nights. Meetup has gay walking tours of museums and gallery districts in New York and Brooklyn. Like a niche comic book series focused on a little-known character? Meetup has an all-queer roundtable hosted once a month at a library in Greenwich Village. If you can think of it, it exists on Meetup.

Meeting in Gay ny places

Book Clubs Another great way to meet meetingg connect to gay nh in the city is book clubs. They too have all the elements needed for friendship. Men can bond over what books they are reading and how they relate those stories to their own lives. Many gay book clubs exclusively read gay literature to further connect and understand the gay community. Gay book clubs can be found on Meetup. Bars and clubs can be intimidating and anxiety producing spaces but they can also be a great place to meet people. It can be hard to go alone, but if you apply the formula and go frequently it can be a chance to meet and bond with other men.

Themed nights can be plafes helpful, like viewing parties for popular TV shows. This adds guaranteed frequency and duration, as well as the intense meeging of seeing who gets eliminated next. Pushing through discomfort and anxiety to meet new people can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Being vulnerable is the key in all of these experiences to foster connection. The city can transform into a completely different place when you have friends to share it with.

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