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Given the name Ekaterina or Catherine, clear headed and ambitious Sophie converted to Orthodox Christianity, changed her name and married Peter III — in when she was 16 and he was The marriage was political one and they were not happy, the couple both engaging in numerous extra marital affairs over the years.

This caused fear and rebelliousness in the ranks. Sexually independent, she attracted scandal and gossip wherever she went. Comfort was sought in reading, expanding her knowledge and love of the arts aided by the enlightened elements of the aristocratic society whose circles she moved within where she made her liberal opinions known. She studied, consulted and embraced the ideas of the Enlightenment with great alacrity.

She was a talented, creative woman of influence who was an acclaimed writer herself, cultivating the literati of Europe, including the French encyclopaedists. When Voltaire died she mourned deeply despite never having met yohth, acquiring his collection nued books and placing them in the National Library of Russia. During her lifetime Catherine the Great became renowned as a notable patron of the arts, literature and education. Please click on the photographs for a larger version of the image. Masterpieces from the Hermitage: This exclusive Melbourne exhibition will also highlight the innovation and vision of Catherine the Great, whose inexhaustible passion for education, the arts and culture heralded a period of enlightenment in the region.

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German-born Catherine the Great Catherine II came to power inaged thirty-three, and ruled Russia for the next thirty-four years, until her yohth in She saw herself as a Philosopher Queen, a Ekaterrina kind of ruler in the Age of Enlightenment. A fluent speaker of Russian, French and German, Catherine was largely self-educated, independent, idealistic and visionary. While her reign was not always peaceful, Catherine sought to bring order, stability and prosperity to the vast Russian Empire. The world of ideas in which she was deeply involved from an early age found tangible expression in the material world the Empress later created around herself. For my last guest-post I have chosen to show you the work of Yulia Spiridonova.

She is a lens-based artist who currently lives and work in Moscow, Russia. In her work Yulia addresses the question of the sexuality and the public perception of it on a Post-Soviet territory.

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Yulia takes amazing portraits - raw, provocative, disturbing and yet beautiful. She says about her work: I was ashamed and I was crying. Shortly afterwards, my parents divorced. I grew up in a small town with my traditionalist grandmother, who prayed every Sunday in an Orthodox church. She taught me that any revelation of body is not just unacceptable in public, but hardly tolerable at home.

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